Mold & Mildew Restoration


Contamination Treatment
This treatment entails disinfecting the surfaces of air ducts, grill vents, coils, blowers, returns and air conditioning systems. Please see below for chemicals used.

Odor Neutralization Deodorizer
We use active ingredients that oxidize odors associated with bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, animals in the air and in air handling units. Chemicals do not cover up or mask the odor with alcohol or perfumes. It eliminates the source of the odor, leaving your air fresh and clean.

Minimizes microbial growth such as mold in your duct system. Sanitizing also eliminates unpleasant odors that are result of this growth. Air duct sanitizing is often used for people with allergies or when moving into a previously occupied home.  Also, recommended in homes that have not been cleaned for some time.

Chemicals Used
EnviroCon - this chemical is used to eliminate odor causing microorganisms as well as those associated with mold, mildew and bacterial growth.  EnviroCon climates odors at their source through a chlorine dioxide release-process that destroys organisms at the origin.  A benefit of EnviroCon is it low toxicity and safety rating from the EPA.  It also uses no perfumes or masking agents. 

MICROBAN- this chemical is used to eliminate most fungi, bacteria and viruses.  Microban kills allergy and disease causing germs, odors mold and mildew. Microban is not sold in stores it is only available through professional applicators.  Microban is registered with the EPA, USDA and is approved for use by professional cleaners and restorers.

F.P. Sanititizers - this chemical is a concentrated liquid sanitizer used for sanitizing pre-cleaned surfaces in air ducts and air conditioning system.  It has a unique cleaning ability that contains surfactants and builders to give additional cleaning power.  It is EPA registered formula.Type your paragraph here.

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